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We are an organization founded in 1957, pioneers in the specialty of Intellectual Property Law in Venezuela and abroad. We focus our activities in the field of invention patents, industrial designs, utility models, trademarks, brand valorisation, industrial secrets, commercial names, copyrights, licenses, technology transmission and franchises.

We have a well-known and well-earned reputation in litigation of Intellectual Property Rights, as well as extensive experience in commercial and investment legislation, both nationally and internationally.

We also offer specialized services in corporate, contractual, mergers, acquisitions, privatizations, expropriations, temporary occupations, investment protection treaties, contentious administrative matters, public tenders, joint ventures and consultancies in the formation of international structures.

Our exercise has extended to the countries of the Andean Pact, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as worldwide, to a network of specialist agents of excellent reputation in their respective countries. Keep control of your cases with the help of a computerized system specially designed by us.

We are a team of professionals from various academic disciplines: lawyers, engineers, accountants and support personnel, all committed to the task of satisfying the requirements of our clients.


Our Mission is to provide the best services in consultancy, prosecution, vigilance, protection and defense of industrial and intellectual property rights all over the world.


Continue to be pioneers in the defense of patents, industrial designs, utility models, trademarks, branding, industrial secrets, trade names, copyrights, licenses, technology transfer and franchises.


Our work team is formed by a group of highly specialized professionals in their respective fields; all of whom have been trained provide high levels of achievement in order to fully satisfy our clients needs. We believe that true, boundaryless communication and collaboration between experts is a key to designing the most convenient strategies to solve problems.


José Manuel Carrascosa
Socio Fundador Presidente

Carlos Carrascosa
Presidente Ejecutivo
Twitter: @cfcarrascosa

Natacha Reyes
Vice Presidente Ejecutivo
Twitter: @nreyes

Marina Rodríguez de Carrascosa
Asesora General

Mitchelle Alvarez
Directora de Operaciones

Hildania Paniz
Directora del Departamento de Exterior
Twitter: @hildanita

Gabriela Campos
Directora de Contencioso

Marjorie Bethermy
Directora de Administración

Eucaris Alcalá
Directora de Litigios

Milva Khliefat
Directora de Tecnología e Información
Twitter: @wificarrascosa