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Our practice comprises a scope of services in the fields of registration of intellectual property, such as:

  • Registration of Product and Service Trademarks
  • Registration of Product Trade names (marks designating one of trader's activities)
  • Registration of Well-Known Trademarks
  • Commercial Slogans
  • Labels or Signs
  • Denominations of Origin
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patents of Invention
  • Utility Models
  • Industrial Designs
  • Layout-Design of Integrated Circuits
  • Use License Agreements for Trademarks and Patents
  • Payments of Patent Annuities
  • Search for Backgrounds of Trademarks and Patents and Vigilance Services
  • Administrative Remedies and Appeals to Executive Authorities (Appeals to the Ministry of Development)
  • Renewals of Trademark Registration
  • Franchises


Considered an authority in Industrial Property Law in the Venezuelan legal profession, the Carrascosa Law Office, under the leadership of Dr. José Manuel Carrascosa and other senior partners, is engaged in the study of complex cases, use license agreements, transfer of technology, business law, law on foreign investments, including unfair competition and, of course, actions and proceedings before courts.

The defense we make of our clients’ rights comprises warning letters, precautionary measures and lawsuits before courts for the defense of the rights of our clients in Venezuela, and extends to other countries of the Andean Pact (which share the same legal system in industrial property, the 486 Decision).

In addition, we have a well established network of colleagues in the Caribbean area. Our solid experience and efficiency in precautionary actions and litigations may be attested by our clients, most of whom have trusted their business in these fields to us for many years. Additionally, our client portfolio is constantly increasing as a result of our well deserved prestige and well-known experience in the protection of intellectual property rights, both in Venezuela and overseas, against forgeries and infractions of trademarks, inventions and industrial models.

Also we are engaged in everything concerning unfair competition, while successfully conducting judicial proceedings for claiming damages, as well as nullity proceedings in cases of refusal to accept trademarks and inventions.

Our organization takes pride in the Direction of Litigation and Investment Standardization.


We provide legal counsel to clients unfamiliar with the Venezuelan law, for the solution of specific affairs related to the following areas:

  • Foreign Investments Registration
  • Foreign Investments Regime
  • Trade Companies Registration
  • Business Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies
  • Sanitary Permits for National and Imported Products
  • Import Regulations
  • Consulting for new areas open to Foreign Investments